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Let's bring your ideas to life!

I offer professional songwriting, music production, project management & creative direction services.

Whether it’s creating or finalizing a unique world-class song, making sure it is produced and mixed to the highest level, and ultimately turned into a compelling music video, I will be able to assist at every stage of the process

Project Reel

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 2.31.17 PM.png
Top Shorts Winner 2021.jpg
Set a Fire3.jpg
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition - 2022.jpg
Set a Fire2.jpg
Jehan_Assria-5 CLEAN 1806x1806 Brick.JPG
Jehan Set A Fire Cover V3 2400.png

Project Management: Sourcing producers, directors, video locations, props, and scheduling.

Creative Direction


Song Production & Mastering

Music Video & Post Production

Pricing will vary by project

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