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Peace of Mind
Dark Shadow
Set a Fire



Jehan is not the typical songwriter who stays behind the scenes; she is a visionary who challenges the status quo. Her goal is to bring together creative community's with her projects, and give her audience an experience. Her projects "Set a Fire", "Machine", and "Dark Shadow" have been acknowledged by songwritng competitions/film festivals including the International Songwriting Competition, the Big Apple Film Festival, and won "Best Music Video" in the Top Shorts Film/Music Festival, along with "Best Pop Song in America - Machine" in the Intercontinental Music Awards. Jehan’s passion for music and storytelling started at a very young age, and has devoted many years to mastering her craft.




set a fire

Dark shadow

 "Jehan Assria is a superb songwriter and lyricist who brings truth to her music through poignant metaphors. It is rare to find such wisdom and insight brought to the song from such a young musician. She is light years ahead of her time."

-Wendy Starland (Honored by the Songwriters Hall of Fame and discovered and developed Lady Gaga)

"Jehan is a visionary on a mission. That was apparent from the first meeting I had with her. It has been amazing to work with Jehan and to watch her grow as a songwriter and artist. The sky is the limit!"

Adeniyi “Synematik” Adelekan (Grammy winning producer/songwriter)

"Jehan is one of the most driven and inspired people I have ever met, and she is relentless in the pursuit of her vision.”

-Lars Halvor Jensen (CEO of DEEKAY Music)

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